Program Fallen Airmen Memorial Markelo 2013. 
(Rev. 14-06-2013)

Wednesday June 19:
12.00 AM untill 2.45 PM: Receiving of foreign guests at Schiphol Airport by Committee- boardmembers.
Meeting point: Central hall near gate to Railwaystation. Look at our Logo-flag !
3.00 PM: Departure of Memorial-bus to Markelo 
5.00 PM: Meeting with host-families at Herberg De Pot, Potdijk 9, 7475 SL Markelo.
6.00 PM: Departure with hostfamily’s (or to Hotel)
Evening: free

Dinner in hostfamily (or in Hotel)

Thursday June 20:
09.30 AM: Meet and greet between relatives of bombercrews at Herberg De Pot.
Presentation program Fallen Airmen Memorial Markelo and about Airwar WW2.
Noon: sandwiches.

01.00 PM: Covered wagon trip / walk to the WW2 elements at the Kattenberg and Markelose Berg.
05.00 PM: End of Tour at Herberg De Pot.
Departure to hostfamily or Hotel

05.00-6.30 PM: Welcome second group new foreign guests at Herberg De Pot.
Acquaintance with their hostfamily’s.
Departure to hostfamily’s or Hotel

Evening: free

Dinner in Hostfamily (or in hotel)

Friday June 21:
10.00-11.30 AM: Meeting with schoolchildren at Dienstgebouw, Kerkplein 41, 7475 AE Markelo. Presentation and hand over of book A Bad Penny always comes back to the primary schools of Markelo.
Foreign guests who want to hand over a present to the school or schoolchildren are also invited to attend this meeting.

12.00 AM-01.00 PM: Arrival of all foreign guests and invited VIPS at Herberg De Pot
01.00 PM: Start boarding invited guests and VIPS in KTR*-vehicles at Herberg De Pot.
KTR* = Keep Them Rolling, Dutch Association of authentic WW2 vehicles.
01.30 PM: Departure KTR-vehicles to local cemetery
02.00 PM: Unveiling of new monument followed by commemoration in remembrance of the Fallen Airmen. (seperate detailed program follows)

03.30 PM: Departure of invited guests in KTR-vehicles via Anholtskamp (carehome for elderly)  to Herberg De Pot

04.00-5.30 PM: Reception for foreign guests and VIPS at Herberg De Pot

Evening: free

Dinner at Hostfamily (or in Hotel)                             

Saturday June 22:
09.15 AM: Boarding of foreign guests in KTR vehicles at Herberg De Pot.

09.30 AM: Start Markelo Tour with foreign guests in KTR-vehicles with visit to the 3 bomber crash locations, at which an informationpanel will be unveiled.

01.00 PM: Arrival at Canadian War Cemetery at Holten.
                Boxed lunch with tea / coffee.
                Individual visit Canadian War Cemetery and Information Centre 
                (toilets provided)

02.30 PM: Departure to Markelo         

03.30 PM: End of tour at Motocross circuit Herikerberg

04.00 PM: Start KTR vehicles tour (without guests) at Motocross circuit
Shuttle service to KTR basic camp at Herberg De Pot.

Departure to Hostfamily by mutual agreement or to Hotel

07.00 – 12.00 PM: Social evening at Herberg De Pot with stew buffet, music and dance for all foreign guests, KTR-members, host-family’s and volunteers

Sunday June 23:
10.00 AM:  Special Oecumenical church service at local Protestant Martinus-church in Dutch and English language.
Officiating: Parson Elly Nordt, Protestant Community of Markelo and Reverend Geoffrey Allen of St. Mary’s Chapel Weldam of Anglican Church Twente.

11.15 AM: Coffee / tea with other churchgoers in Dienstgebouw across the Church.

12.00 AM-01.00 PM: Brunch with foreign guests, host family’s and other churchgoers at Grand Cafe Restaurant Wapen van Markelo.

Rest of the afternoon and evening free.

Dinner in Hostfamily (or in Hotel)

Monday June 24:
08.00 AM: Departure of bus from Beaufortplein Markelo with the remaining foreign guests to the Aircraft Recovery Group 40-45 Museum at Heemskerk.

10.00 AM – 00.45 PM: Coffee / tea, ARG  presentation and guided Museum Tour.

00.45 PM: Boxed lunch with sandwiches at ARG museum
01.15 PM: Departure to Amsterdam-City

02.00 PM: Canaltour Amsterdam.
03.00 PM: Time for individual museum-visit, citywalk, shopping and quick lunch.

06.00 PM: Departure of bus from Amsterdam to Markelo 

08.00 PM:  Arrival in Markelo at Beaufortplein.

Tuesday June 25:

10.00 AM: Departure of remaining guests with cars to Airborne Museum at Oosterbeek

00.30 PM: Lunch

01.30 PM: visit to Market Garden region (A bridge too far) near Arnhem.

06.00 PM: Dinner at Restaurant De Poppe in Markelo

Wednesday June 26:

09.00 AM: Departure of remaining foreign guests with cars to Schiphol Airport