Stanley Langford Conway Watt

Surname  Watt
First Name(s)  Stanley Langford Conway
Rank/function  Flight Sergeant / Engineer
Service no.  216038
Award(s)  AFM
Regiment  RAF
Date of birth  31.05.1898
Date of death  02.03.1943
Age  44
Grave no. Markelo  A2
Nationality  UK
Place of birth  Kentish Town, Pancras, UK
Parents names  (Captain )Issiah and Adeline Jane Langford
Last known adress 1943  34 Sneath Aenue, Golders Green, UK
Names brothers and sisters  Norman Charles, Adleine Olive
Name wife/fiancee  Lilian M Goodenough
Various Stanley’s wife Lilian died in 1979 Canterbury, Kent, UK

Additional information: the name at Stanley’s tombstone is not right: Watts instead of Watt. The CWGC is asked to correct this error.